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  • by Christian Wolf/White Space

#pardigmShift: #backlash as evolutionary necessity pt 2

#coherence and #resonance are the key factors to know which path to walk. It´s not about profit no matter about consequences (for the planet and your soul).

You have been developing a vision for your life and/or your company. Or the vision for you and your company has found you by deep listening. It feels coherent. You have inquired this vision from different angles and the feeling of commitment arises within you. You start taking the first steps and everything is running smoothly, close to perfection.

Happiness arises and the conviction that you are on the right path gets strenghtend!

All of a sudden you get hit by a stone falling on your head(metaphorically speaking!). one obstacle after another is knocking on your door, your compassion is dropping and the only thing you want to do is hiding in your bed, veils closed.

What happend to your vision, to your commitment? What happened at all?

This is a scenario that is most common for every human being, for every company, most of all for start ups! Actually it seems to be a wide spread pattern which leads most people/companies to give in. After having lost touch with their vision they have lost their inner GPS and miss direction.

„Did I have been on the wrong track?“ they ask. It felt all so coherent.

Well, actually it did. The problem is not being on the wrong track but the misunderstanding about your inner landscape.

Actually life is giving you feedback about unsolved issues. Your vision is the trigger to open the doors to your unconscious mind. It´s not done with your vision but you have to face your limitations in order to become yourself and hence make the vision to be manifested in the world of duality.

Visions are not carrying themselves, they need your #presence, your #awareness. If you want your vision to be coherent with lifes purpose you need to know that this sets in motion a process to selfrealization. Otherwise your company would be just one more expression of an obsolete #paradigm that is about to leave the planet. You would loose sight of your vision in favour of merely thinking in terms of profit.

If your vision is coherent with your true self(which is basic) it needs to include connection to larger realms of reality. This makes your daily life/work fullfilling no matter if you get hit by a stone or „hit“ by a million: no difference in essence!

#coherence and #resonance are the key factors to know which path to walk. It´s not about profit no matter about consequences (for the planet and your soul).

If you are playfully serious about your life reality will hit you with exactely the feedback[management speak ;-)]and impulses to keep connecting you with your coherence.

Even if you get hit by this stone you will know that this is in favour of you.

In case you still rely on your rational mind this might be difficult to comprehend, though.

So: do you #Dare2GetRealNOW! ?

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