• by Dietmar Rothe, Ph.D.

#paradigmShift: words of #wisdom

Spirit Speaks

When you ponder

and reflect upon the

grandeur of Creation

and stand in awe of It,

and when you’re silent,

then the Infinite will speak:

“Know, my beloved:

You are a part of me;

All that you do, I feel;

All that I am, you also are.

I have no special form or

name, for I am All.

“Through all there is,

including you, my power flows.

So go within for finding me.

Become receptive to my gifts and know:

All that I have is yours.

“Seek and find wisdom,

beauty, harmony, and

strive to live in tune

with my immutable, eternal

laws; so you may share

my love and joy for you.

“Avoid confounding me

with sky-gods you revere.

They also are my children,

subject to my laws. I made

them long ago for guiding you

with wise and just advice.

“I am Spirit, so are you.

The boundless cosmos

that your eyes perceive

is but a facet of my

tireless unfolding. It is a

gift to you – and to myself.

“Explore it! – so you can

better know your Self

through me. Be generous,

compassionate and live in joy.

It is your birthright

and my fondest wish.

“Your mother’s gentle,

caring softness you

received; your father’s

strength and vision, too.

Love and cherish them

with heart and mind.

“Life – the fountainhead

of my unfolding – is longing

to commune with you.

Embrace It, and revere the

Spirit in all living things

– thus you will honor me.”

Inspired by Spirit

© Dietmar Rothe: scientist/engineer, philosopher, author.

He is born German and lives in California

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