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  • interview conducted by Christian Wolf

#paradigmShift: Renaissance for the future of the planet pt 1

An interview with Knut Arild Hanstad, founder of GLOBAL RENAISSANCE SOCIETY You are the founder of the Global Renaissance Society(GRS). What inner process and which impulses let you know that you should manifest a project like this?

Knut Arild Hanstad: Since I was 15-16 year old I had this inner strong calling to provide change and awakening. This revolutionary spirit has never left me. I wished to make a real difference, especially when it came to true devotion to one’s life purpose. I felt many people talked about it, but once out of the comfort zone, they seemed to have forgotten their faith and passion.

I was deeply disappointed and realized that I had to create my own path, following my own inner voice and intuition.

As a child and teenager I felt extremely lonely. My self-esteem was low. I was an outsider. Almost a hermit. At the same time I was an outgoing leader. This paradox made me realize and appreciate the need for, and also the deep satisfaction and joy, of authentic relationships. So the vision of oneness, friendship and creative communities of kindred spirits has followed me up to this day.

Global Renaissance Society is mainly about transformative relationships. How we need to create energetic fields of devoted people in order to make real difference in the world, committed people working and living together for a shared vision and passion on a higher level of human consciousness.

Today I realize how deeply shame is affecting our self-esteem and natural unfoldment of our true talents in a bigger context. Nothing is more opposing to change, innovation and renewal than our cultural conditioning of ”right” and ”wrong”. It blocks the creative genius within every human being, blindfolding our inner child with her naturalness, curiosity and magical thinking. We have killed divine imagination and cultivated a conditioned mind deprived for independent and free thinking.

I realized that we needed a radical systemic change both on an individual and collective level - which has culminated with Global Renaissance Society - in close co-creation with my Finnish colleague, Harriet Fagerholm.

Q:You are talking about „making a difference“. From your experience and expectation how should this difference look like? How do you know when you made a difference?

KAH: A difference in my opinion is first of all the leap from ”I” to ”We”. For decades we in the Western world have explored our individuality. The time has come to gather together this new generation of independent leaders, entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners radiating this new universal consciousness. And for me it means to establish future teams and communities as visionary voices and implementors of a new world-view in life and business.

From a spiritual point of view I see the calling as moving from working more or less alone to a new level of collaboration, co-creation and teamwork on a global scale. We already see kindred spirits worldwide searching for their expanded family, creating new conditions and terms for unfoldment of their true talents and skills on a higher frequency of human awareness.

We will see the difference when we establish independent evolutionary teams and healthy communities in an interlinked global network, people uniting forces on behalf of the future. These communities are based upon a new economic model of equality, sharing, self-organizing ecosystems and transparency. As I see it is not enough to establish virtual teams and communities. We need physical communities where we can operate face to face, avoiding the estrangement of virtual communication alone.

The difference on the deepest level is when people on all levels of interaction are devoted to each other in a shared vision for the highest good, conducted from their collective intelligence expressed through the diversity of each person’s purpose and mission.

For some of us this means an inner journey moving to new places within ourselves as well as moving to new physical, even geographical, locations in order to establish future communities in co-creation with other evolutionaries.

Q:Taking a look at the state of the planet sometimes doubt arises that humanity can make it to a level you described. What is your view on that?

KAH: I see several levels and stages in this evolutionary process. We need to understand that humanity and the planet is in the midst of a deep cleansing crisis. Every transformation has its own inner dynamics, and when a system doesn’t fit into the emerging future, life itself shatters off all elements that come in opposition to the basic laws and principles for a new humanity to emerge.

It is like nature and life itself behaves like a master program controlling us and not the other way around.

In this purging process of facilitating the new paradigm we will see how the faces of the old patterns, systems and mindsets reveal their true nature. More and more people will realize that they need to reclaim their individual freedom and authority on behalf of the whole. So far we see that our current world-view has favored a small elite and led us to the edge of extinction.

All in all I am pessimistic in an optimistic way! What I mean is that humanity sees itself in an existential mirror this time – like in previous historical shifts - believing that what we as human beings now see in the mirror is a disastrous truth we can’t deal with. But behind the mirror and its projections of ugly images hides an encouraging incarnation of a new humanity projecting itself on a higher level of ourselves – a new kind of human beings if you want.

Nothing is impossible, and the true danger today is the illusion that we don’t have the power and impact to make a real difference. The answer is to organize us in a way that make our life and business aligned with the “rising sun”, letting go of what so ever holding us back from journeying towards this evolutionary promising future dwelling within everyone of us.

Knut Arild Hanstad ist he founder of GLOBAL RENAISSANCE SOCIETY(GRS).

He lives partly in Norway , Finnland and Italy and is currently working on manifesting his vision about a future world. Knut is a compassionate Globetrotter an incorporates the mentality of a Renaissance Man in daily life! GRS is based in Italy. In case you are interested to join the movement you can contact him: be continued.........

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