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#paradigmShift: #conflicts need inquiry of belief!

#paradigmShift:violent conflicts&extreme movements currently happening r expressions of uninquired conditioned emotional structures2surface

Looking around at the state of the world one of the puzzle pieces that approaches the eye of the bystander is the erupting amount of conflicts at different stages: armed violence at the top of the pyramid. Having yet little awareness one might sense that violence is the predominant movement – ad nauseam fostered by media coverage. Attaching oneself to this view one might easily leave aside that there is – at the same time – an emergence of consiousness taking place which is working on enhancing the big picture about deeper layers of reality.

Considering this why are there so many conflicts arising? Hatespeeches and trolling are just the tip of the iceberg.

Hypothesis: usually most people are not aware what is going on within their organisms beyond their world of thinking! They listen to the words in their „heads“, feel the emotions that are triggered by these words and start acting out. This chainreaction is unconscious for most people mainly because humans have hardley been educated in observing their inner processes. We simply believe: no matter if what we believe has been told to us by others (and by believing their story) or our own judgments of reality.

We don´t know how to inquire. We still believe in linear thinking: because of A there must be B! We hardly question if this is true.

Since in most cases our judgment of reality isn´t true we simply life on false premises which – in time – mirror back on us by our lifecircumstances. We start feeling unsatisfied, get angry, actually feeling hopeless to change anything in life: emotional garbage starts to pile up.

Well, lifecircumstances may be unsatisfactory but we have to see that they are the result, the mirror of our uneducated way of thinking! Our linear way of thinking constantly leads us into an illusionary view about reality.

What humanity is facing in transformational times like ours is the challenge of shifting from linear thinking towards spatial thinking. It is the shift from „blaming outside reasons“ to seeing „responsiblity inside“.

And we have to be aware that this might be an impossible task for a great amount of people!

A short experiment: try to observe your emotional reactions when you have to solve a problem and don´t know how to do? Chances are that at a certain stage you become angry because you feel stuck. Watch whom you start blaming for your „failure“?

This is a program that works in most of us.

The only solution would be to change your mindset. Linear thinking will oppose you on this path by blaming somebody else. This – on a deeper level – is a chance to observe how belief tricks you constantly into distraction from your truth.

If you are not aware of this context you stay stuck/stay in stasis(aka selfhypnosis). You can watch the result of this stuckness when reading troll posts, listening to hatespeeches and wonder how parties can go to war with each other. In core it is about their inability to deal with changing realities and wanting to stay attached to obsolete beliefs. The tension that arises when on the one hand staying attached to obsolete concepts and on the other hand trying to cope with emerging realities that are opposite your beliefsystem is acted out in violent behavioral patterns.

Solution: Dare2GetRealNOW!

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