• interview conducted by Christian Wolf

#paradigmShift: #Renaissance for the future of the planet pt 2 Why did you choose „Renaissance“ as part of your projects name/brand?

Knut Arild Hanstad: Well, I felt as it was the other way around, that ”Renaissance” chose me. One definition of ”Renaissance” is: ”A revival of or renewed interest in something”, meaning rebirth, to be born again.

In a master program of Management Consulting in 2004 we studied leadership of creativity in the European Renaissance. I realized how many similar traits that shift in history shared with evolutionary trends in our own time.

I had already for many years requested a more holistic world-view, an integrated and open way of living. For me freedom was everything. I couldn’t breath in the atmosphere of narrow-minded material success, cultural traditionalism, rational philosophy and “business without a cause”. I already regarded myself as a holistic ”Renaissance Being” looking for kindred spirits.

Together with a colleague I wrote a paper on ”The New Renaissance” and how it would affect leadership in knowledge-based future organizations. I was also deeply inspired by Richard Florida’s ”The Rise of the Creative Class”. I felt at home. I had received my name for the future shift I had “seen”: The New Renaissance

And because I love Italy it was even more natural for me to relate to “Renaissance” as a brand/name. Even since my 20-ties I knew that I one day would settle down in Italy, operating a center of some kind. It was not difficult to associate the two impulses with Tuscany, “in the cradle of the first Renaissance”.

As time has passed more and more people use the term too:

Some months ago I was introduced for professor Piero Formica and his new book: “Entrepreneurial Renaissance”. I discovered “Renaissance Society” by Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen a year ago, and during the same period Harriet and I met Markko Hämäläinen and talked with him about his research on “The Renaissance Entrepreneur”.

“Renaissance” is now used in even broader contexts. It is like the “Hundred Monkey’s Effect”. We are a part of a bigger “Renaissance” movement.

It should still be mentioned that we had some serious rounds before we landed the name/brand. I already had established Global Renaissance International (NGO), but we discussed Universal Freedom Society as an alternative.

Today I am glad we chose “Global Renaissance Society”. Universal freedom is on the other hand our core value, as governance of creativity is our main purpose and unleashing the creative genius within human beings is our mission.

The main reason for “Renaissance” is the fundamental shift emerging. It is not only a trend. It must be seen in a historical perspective.

Time by time we recognize that we have missed something and want to reunite with ”what has been lost”. This reunion with the missing aspect gives me a new perspective, a new understanding of reality and myself. This happens on an individual level as a natural part of our own personal maturing and growth, and sometimes as a big shift influencing whole humanity.

Q: So Renaissance for you is a synonym for creativity and an emerging reality. Right?

KAH: Yes, as a visionary leader I see how old economy, bureaucracy, cultural norms, codes and values, religiosity, formalistic education and political parties are major enemies of genuine creativity - as always in big shifts in human history.

These rigid and heavy structures are suffocating necessary reforms, blocking initiatives for renewal and change. As a consequence they must be transformed, eventually dissolved and replaced by new, more flexible systems and institutions.

Every existential shift in human history scatters old systems, breaking down existing foundations and patterns. This is the hard truth in the current transition towards the next Renaissance too, caused not by technology alone but ignited by a higher consciousness and evolutionary impulses from the future.

Most of the systems and human institutions we operate from today were created under totally different contexts and conditions; but they are so integrated with our societal identity that we no longer are aware of our sleeping ignorance. We are still manipulated and controlled by old invisible structures, laws, patterns and principles we long ago have forgotten why we still trust and obey. What is really apathy, illusions, lies and false security we regard as normal!

From this deceptive ignorance we must awaken to our inner sleeping beauty, confronting our deepest fears and karmic monsters, archetypical ghosts and past memories, transforming, kissing, healing the beast within, letting the beauty of life and creation itself heal our wounds.

We need to awaken our child-like imagination, our natural wild, untamed and adventurous nature.

But before we are ready to co-create this new adventurous reality we need recovery from the past. Clearing the bridge between past and future is the art of magic we need in order to reshape a wounded world spinning out of its center.

There is much darkness to lighten up. Not only for the cause of transforming our dark monsters in the revealing light, but in order to find treasures we have been indoctrinated to fear, especially our suppressed feminine nature.

Q: In your understanding: what exactely has to be reborn?

KAH: What needs to be reborn? In my opinion it is my willingness to open up for the feminine creativity and impact in my life.

The new Renaissance is a rebirth of MAGIC REALISM, the holy marriage of all aspects in our psyche, the conscious as well as the unconscious realms, uniting “heaven and earth”, male and female, “as above so below”, the intuitive and rational mind, logic and imagination, art and science, spirit and matter.

This is why governance of genuine creativity as the uniting of polarities and paradoxes is so deeply required, working from a new central focus, an existential new balance between masculine and feminine qualities and powers.

Now we have rejected the feminine and made science and rationality dominate. It is time to reclaim our creative freedom and innocent imaginative skills.

Knut Arild Hanstad ist he founder of GLOBAL RENAISSANCE SOCIETY(GRS).

He lives partly in Norway , Finnland and Italy and is currently working on manifesting his vision about a future world. Knut is a compassionate Globetrotter an incorporates the mentality of a Renaissance Man in daily life! GRS is based in Italy. In case you are interested to join the movement you can contact him:


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