• a poem by Dietmar E Rothe

#paradigmShift: words of #wisdom


Should prime allegiance be

to God or king, to nations or

to constitutions? My fellow

travelers – such questions

only fools would ask.

Loyalty unquestioned is

the servant’s lot, a virtue

grown eons ago by tyrants,

kings, and jealous gods

to feed their greed and fame.

Soldiers, loyal underlings

were crucial to a ruler’s quest

for power and control.

To cries of war fools raged,

beguiled, deluded, and deranged.

They fought for god, for

country, right or wrong, for

honor, liberty, and peace.

They gave their lives but saved

the flag – Enslavement won!

It’s best to heed the bard’s advice,

“To thine own self be true.”

That’s where your loyalty should

aim. Be steadfast in your quest

for wisdom, justice, truth –

For love, true freedom, inner peace.

– Creation stands alone, above

all else. Revere It and the Spirit

that gives life. And live in tune

with nature’s timeless laws.

Let principles like these be

guiding stars that light your way.

Let others babble misdirected,

empty-headed prayers and

their pledge to worthless rags.

Darkness dwells in ignorance, and

dearth of consciousness makes

fright. Seek wisdom now,

unfold your spirit’s might

and find your way into the light.

Dietmar Rothe © 2006


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