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#paradigmShift: questions about the meaning of life and related issues[in comparison to Monthy Pytho

A questionnaire presenting the ideas and convictions of ROBIN LINCOLN WOOD

Why do you think/sense/know that you as an individual are here on planet earth? I am here to experience the highs and lows of a full life well lived, which includes tackling hard/often wicked problems that need resolution and engage with people I might find difficult to deal with as well as those I love and cherish. I am here to learn to enjoy the moment and keep things simple.

What is it that makes your life worthwile? People, places, ideas, sensations, especially touch, smell and taste. The richness of different and interesting combinations of these essential elements of a life lived fully and intensely also make it possible for me to enjoy a rarer plane of life in the realm of ideas and connections between people, ideas and openings that can create beneficial new possibilities for myself and all life on earth.

What do you want to manifest in your life? An abundance of positive possibilities and joyfulness for everyone whose life I touch and for those I might never meet, but whom I can inspire from a distance. I am deeply serious about doing what I can to move our species toward a thriveable future by 2050, and spend a great deal of my energy and time on that mission. Being the possibility of authentic leadership, love and compassion and the joy of self-expression is an ongoing theme!

What does it mean for you to be present? To be present I need to be totally in the flow of whom or what I am with or doing. This means I need to select as and when I can those openings and situations where I can fully immerse myself in the moment and the situation- as I like to call it: “Subsume myself and resonate”. I also need to be able to transcend the basic needs and concerns that can block that state of flow from time to time.

What is your understanding of success in life? I believe success is an intensely personal word with very specific meanings for each of us, according to our values, perspectives and level of development. For me success is to have done my best in whatever project or situation I am in, to move myself and others toward meaningful and joyful lives. At a personal level, success for me means seeing my dreams and those of others coming true, in ways that are thriveable i.e. beneficial to both the environment and society at large.

Which issues keep you up at night?(not because you worry about them but because you want to gain deeper knowledge/knowing about them!)*

* How to scale up my efforts to deliver meaningful results to remedy some of the ills and growing pains we are currently experiencing as a species and a biosphere

* How to plan for the future so that I and those close to me can enjoy abundance for the rest of their lives and for future generations

* How to resolve conflicts and difficulties that present themselves as personal development challenges, and potentially existential threats

* How to get closer to the people and projects I care about and co-create delightful outcomes together with and through them

* How to be more creative and productive and less concerned about others opinion of me.

Robin Lincoln Wood is the founder and CEO of Project Synergise. The purpose of ProjectSynergise! is to design & develop thriveable futures through action learning projects and build transmedia services that support the co-creation of regenerative inclusive business models.

He lives in Perpignan Area, France

His Books:

* The Trouble with Paradise : A Humorous Enquiry Into the Puzzling Human Condition in the 21st Century

* A Leader's Guide to ThriveAbility: A Multi-Capital Operating System for a Regenerative Inclusive Economy

* Synergise!: 21st Century Leadership


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