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  • Knut Arild Hanstad

#paradigmShift: questions about the meaning of life and related issues[in comparison to Monthy Pytho

A questionnaire presenting the ideas and convictions of KNUT ARILD HANSTAD

Why do you think/sense/know that you as an individual are here on planet earth?

I believe that we all have a life purpose, that we are players in a bigger scheme than we are consciously aware of regarding who and what we are. In a universal, even cosmic, perspective, I believe that we as individuals are here in order to experience life from a continously higher level of consciousness.

What is it that makes your life worthwhile?

The same, that I have an inner knowing of a higher purpose. It makes me extremely curious and aware of all that life brings into my existence (or what I on an unconscious level attracts)

What do you want to manifest in your life?

It is based on the feeling that we live in a multidimensional world. I want to experience the alignment between my higher consciousness and my everyday life, how to manifest my genetic blueprint, my divine calling and intention into matter.

I want to manifest my spiritual being as well as my intellectual/mental, emotional and physical me. I want to manifest my true, authentic self, not the conditioned me, what I have been indoctrinated to accept as proper thoughts and feelings and ”normal” behavior. I want to look beyond my conditioned mind, to reveal the core of my being, to materialize my essence into the physical world.

It is the feeling that we have so much more to explore and experience in existence. Human potential is almost limitless. I want to be a ”cross-dimension-traveller”, exploring all my potentialities, capabilities, unleashing my inner creative genius, , discovering other dimensions, bringing something new into the world.

On the material plane I want to create a home for my spiritual, expanded family, concretized by our core center and creative future eco-village in Italy, establishing an innovative ecosystem of evolutionary teams and creative communities facilitating the new global Renaissance.

What does it mean for you to be present?

For me this is a question of being in touch with my inner being. It is not easy. I am a restless and impatient man. But I try to tune into my inner guide and source as best as I can.

To be present is to unite the Ego and the Self so that they both serve each other and our true life purpose. The Ego isn’t just something negative and the Self something more ”divine” or more valuable. The division of consciousness in different layers is by the way just another human construct.

A dualistic worldview remove us from the fact that we both are spirit and matter. In my opinion our main human task isn’t to try to escape ”this world” and live in some esoteric realm outside society and ordinary human endeavours. We are here to experience the exquisite experience of the unity of spirit and matter, consciousness and energy.

What is your understanding of success in life?

It is a bit complicated, because I sense that the most of us are so indoctrinated by the division between spirit and matter that we look at the ”spiritual” as something higher or better than the ”material”, choosing the one for the other as our basic worldview.

To succeed for me is to find the right balance between the inner and outer world, the spiritual and material realms, according to our life purpose. We get what we need as long as we are in alignment with our authentic being and doing.

In my opinion success is related first of all to our true life purpose in the bigger context. It doesn’t mean that we all need to act on a global scale, but it does mean that we all act from a new awareness of unity, interconnectedness and interdependence.

Success for me is then a life uniting all aspects in life related to our purpose. Some of us seem to need experiences that other poeple don’t need the same way. This is a natural part of diversity in oneness.

True prosperity is to have peace with myself, without comparing my life with other people. Then you can be rich or poor, single or married, what so ever, who so ever, in an existence that is embracing all kinds of expressions, thoughts and feelings, experiences and beliefs.

We should not look at society’s rules, expectations and demands for defining ”success”, but listen inwards, following our true inner being, loyal to our genuine nature. This is for me also the answer for how we can change the world for the better. Success is then a continuous ”change for the better”. Stagnation is death.

Which issues keep you up at night? (not because you worry about them but because you want to gain deeper knowledge about them!)

Most of all it is the inner knowing that I am cosmic life in human form in a material world. As I already have mentioned, I am extremely curious about who and what I am as a ”holographic” being in the bigger scheme of things, in the cosmic web of life.

It is also an issue that I almost all my life has been inspired by my intuitive, spiritual approach to life. Listening in to my inner guidance, continously listening in to what the next step will be, ”what now”, is at the core, I think.

It is both exciting and enormously satisfying to receive guidance and inspiration from a source that seems to reside a place beyond your conscious mind.

He lives partly in Norway , Finnland and Italy and is currently working on manifesting his vision about a future world. Knut is a compassionate Globetrotter an incorporates the mentality of a Renaissance Man in daily life! GRS is based in Italy. In case you are interested to join the movement you can contact him:

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