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#paradigmShift: The meaning of life and related issues [as compared to Monthy Pythons ;-) ]!

A questionnaire presenting the ideas and convictions of ANNELOES SMITSMAN

Why do you think/sense/know that you as an individual are here on planet earth?

To support the restoration of the unity, wholeness, and integrity, within and between our worlds. It is time for that now, where else could I possibly be, lol. I am committed to that process, and apply this first of all in my own life. My individual life is my playground for learning, experimenting, growing, cultivating and actualising my own wisdom potentials. In that way I can then serve from my individual life to the wellbeing and wisdom actualisation of our collective life.

What is it that makes your life worthwile?

Lovingly using my life for what it is meant. Celebrating, appreciating, and enjoying the magic and wonders of Life. Being in gratitude for the many amazing beings and people who bless and grace my life with their presence. Receiving each new day as a gift to learn, grow, and discover more. Life itself is worthwhile, irrespective of whether this is my life, or someone else’s life.

What do you want to manifest in your life?

Love, Love, Love. Joy, gratitude, laughter, wellness, appreciation, wonder, peace, the peaceful completion of this cycle and the conscious birth of a new one.

What does it mean for you to be present?

Continuous Consciousness

What is your understanding of success in life?

We all win back who we truly are - our unity, wholeness, and sacred harmony restored.

Which issues keep you up at night?(not because you worry about them but because you want to gain deeper knowledge/knowing about them!)

What keeps me up at night is usually not the pursuit of knowledge of certain issues, but rather the work on the transformation of these issues. In order to facilitate, support and design regenerative, whole system, wisdom-based solutions there is a lot of learning, research, reflection, visioning, dialogue, presencing, and listening required. This takes time and care, which means I often work till late a night to provide stewardship and counsel for these deeper issues that call for our collective care.

Anneloes Smitsman (PhD(c), LLM) is a writer, storyteller, visionary, legal strategist, educator, and system developer for transformational change and whole system learning & innovation. She is the CEO & founder of EARTHwise Centre, and the initiator of 'The Bhutan Dialogue' and the 'We Stand With Africa' campaign.

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Her Book: Smitsman, A. (2017). Love Letters from Mother Earth. Cardiff, CA: Waterfront Digital Press.

Her TEDx Talk: "Our World in Crisis, how Love can provide a Solution" -



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