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#paradigmShift: wounded #EGO as the basic root of destructive behavioral patterns

#paradigmShift:if u ever sense how it feels2seek attention by others u will realize how much weight u carry as emotional baggage. #presence

#paradigmShift:yr(wounded)Ego will keep u in a constant cycle of struggle2get attention&recognition by others.never being yr authentic truth #leadership

hypothesis: most people are not aware of what really is guiding their lives! they simply take it for granted that their "free will" determines their goals and what they "think"!!! is of importance to them.

a superfical glance at the state of the planet will tell you the truth!

so: what is it that guides a life?

let´s start with one or two answers:

* it´s your deepest belief about life and the role you play in this game? of life!

* life itself is guiding you!

you might not be aware of both of these answers.

how come?

as long as you believe in belief you only have access to a very narrow part of life(call it reality/god/Tao/.......which expression ever your beliefs may choose).

for some secs(or mins) try to let the idea think in that there is a deeper intelligence in life that knows what life is about ad hence what is best for you. chances are that this will challenge your current understanding of who you are. at the beginning this could make you feel scared because a different identity of yourself than you might have thought of enters the stage.

actually people hardly ever deal with questions like these because they are busy with following the instructions!!! their #EGO is forwarding.

#EGO in my definition is the concept that your mind has developed to collect all unresolved emotional wounds of your upbringing. the reason why: it helps you avoid to feel all the stored pain within your physical body (and beyond). otherwise it would be hard for most humans to "function" in a world like this. you have to suppress your emotions by rationalizing them and by creating nice little big concepts about how life "works".

ramifications: you will functionalize people for your interest, you will misinterpret every fact to match your constructed concepts. not noticing that your (individual and incorporated collective) mind is manipulating your authenticity and deepest truth that wants to be lived.

life will give you hints by (in contemporary terms)hacking your routines, it will show you by emerging crisises. you will reject these hints because your mind(keep in mind that you are not your mind!) will tell you that they must not happen, they are negative.

contrary: they are lifes pointers to a life of truth and authenticity. and I am aware that it takes courage to......


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