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#paradigmShift: #spacious thinking

#paradigmShitf:thinking in terms of SPACE for most ppl is impossibel. they r so attached2linear thinking which cuts off their deeper reality

There are huge challenges the world has to deal with. technological disruption is seen as one of the means to solve the crisises humanity is facing.

is it?

most technological innovations are not based on the motive of saving the planet or fostering a different approach how the planet can survive or thrive but on gaining profit. nothing to argue against as long as you can see profit as means to create future.

most enterprises don´t see it that way. why?

hypothesis: because the way humans perceive the world/reality is still based on linear thinking. we are still used to think with thoughts.

nothing else seems to be possible.

when you give it closer attention thoughts are pretty poor as a means to understand reality. mainly because they are repetitory and conditioned.

this is quite easy to confirm when you start observing your thoughts(which may be quite a challenge!). becoming an observer will let you understand that there is a deeper level of reality which you are rooted in. it will add a spacious dimension to your understanding and your identity.

feeling!!! that you are a spacious being will change your world! it can open up an understanding of reality that is based on space, energy, consciousness and vibration!(that´s the view Nikola Tesla perceived the world) the density of linear thinking starts to vanish.

hypothesis: this shift from linear thinking to spacious "thinking"(it´s not a thinking anymore!) or holonomic thinking(as Simon Robinson and Maria Auxiliadora Moraes Amiden Robinsonsee it) is key to what our planet needs!

the crucial challenge: facing the veil of our conditioned mind and the fear that is hidden behind the curtain. it´s a shift in identity!

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