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#paradigmShift: #spacial thinking

#paradigmShift #leadership we have2learn2 "think" in terms of space&layers in order2understand the emerging reality we r facing.#presence

most people have a hard time to cope with the dynamics that is arising in their world. it seems that conflicts are popping up literally every minute and a sense of being overwhelmed by these ocurrences has become the normal state of mind. violence is increasing in different forms, politics doesn´t seem to bring forward solutions that foster substantial change. on a verbal basis there seems to be a longing for deep change but hardley anybody seems to know how to make it happen.

maybe our way of thinking is no more adequate to the reaities that are emerging? why is it that complexity is so hard to deal with? how come that reductionist worldviews gain popularity. how come that there are humans that start believing that our earth ist flat (again?) how come........?

every change challenges you to inquire your understanding of the world and hence your identity. this seems to be one of he hardest parts people are facing in their lifes. doing essential inquiry on beliefs and worldviews and identity are nothing else than beliefs.

how do you know that a belief has become outdated? well, reality doesn´t match your belief any more. you feel the discrepany between belief and what is going on in your surrounding. you get unpatient, upset, increasingly aggressive and depending on the community you have been brought up sometimes violent.

how do most people react on these experiences? primarily unconscious by trying to adapt reality back to their beliefs

humanity is conditioned to stay attached to it´s beliefs. so far!

do we have to continue that way? well, we don´t have to. the crucial question: are we willing to cross the bridge of conscious inquiry to explore a different world that is on the other side of the bridge. crossing bridges seems to be a comfortable metaphor to point out humanitys journey. in this case it´s not meant to be that way!

the main shift will be the shift from our conditioned rational linear thinking to a spacial perception that includes layers of distinct reality. linear thinking cannot comprehend that! we have to enter a space of silence that lies beyond our habitual thinking which often is accompanied by fear.

what we will see within the next years/decades is a "struggle" between different life forces. forces that will throw you into different directions. it will be hard to discern where to go. the deeper reason for this development: the rigid structure of our linear thinking has to be broken up.

our societal and economic structures are in turmoil because they are the result of a worldview that doesn´t match our deeper reality of life. humanity is at the brink of becoming conscious about it´s essence.

in case we stay stuck and attached to obsolete beliefs we will face increasing turmoil. a turmoil that we won´t just experience on the outside but inside our bodies, too.

but keep in mind: there is a crack in everything that´s where the light shines in(Leonard Cohen)!!!



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