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#paradigmShift: every -ISM is a conceptualization of individual experience2make it accessable for many.#presence

conceptualization (and it´s ramifications)is one of the main issues that we as humanity have to get aware of. our lifes are mainly guided by concepts we are not even aware of.

a concept in essence is nothing else than a set of rules aiming to give guidance. no matter if it´s the ten(or how many)commandments. the main problem with concepts is that you exchange personal experience, personal truth with formalized letters. which means you start to become a believer in words.

actually you make others experience your compass for life. deep down you deny that you have your own compass that is able to guide you.

e.g. you go to university and learn how economy works. not only you do but thousands of other students and future leaders do. what happens is that a selfenforcing dynamics is created. a system is built which won´t be questioned in it´s essence. #paradigms are created by that. a (un-)critical mass is necessary.

back (or forward) to -ISMs: no matter if we are talking about facism/socialism/captitalism/buddhism/racism/any religious ism/sadism/......(and some -ISMs are overlapping!) all of them are an attempt to structure one´s world by giving it rules that are aiming at telling you how to act/react/behave/feel/perceive in certain situations. you can put it in other words: rules that want you to obey a worldview, rules that you build an identity on.

you can easily find out if you are identified with an -ISM: when life emerges in ways opposite of what you believe(aka identified with) how do you react?

are you defending your -ISM? do you belittle this opposite manifestation? do you try to neglect it? are you getting angry?

if you observe some of these reactions chances are that you are conditioned to the beliefs your -ISM wants you to obey.

what you can see when observing your reactions is that you are trapped in your -ISM, in your beliefs. life will always work at cracking up your -ISMs, cracking up the rigidity of your -ISM.

cracking it up in order to be/become yourself. moving beyond your conditioned authorities.

you might get scared when you sense that your -ISM has no more validity.

what remains? it can feel pretty empty when you let go of your -ISM and the identity attached with it. who are you without your habitual and learned identity?

even if it feels like nothing it could be the beginning of everything!



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