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#paradigmShift: the rigidity of concepts!

#paradigmShift: #conceptualization happens unconsciously!all of a sudden ur a firm believer of (un-)written rules. u submit yr authenticity

concepts make you a wheel in a machine! at the beginning you don´t realize the process of concetualization. maybe it´s just your sense of belonging to a community that makes you believe(whatever!). you start accepting opinions of others although they go against your inner truth. your fear of being alone, of being excommunicated......

or the other way round: your longing to seek the truth let you attach to certain concepts. may they be religious or spiritual. maybe it´s the void deep within you that wants to be filled. concepts can give you a sense of fullfillment. at least at the beginning. with time they loose power and if being honest to yourself they start feeling shallow.

what are the practical implications in daily life? (simplified!) if everybody learns at school that 1 + 1 equals 2 chances are that we build systems based on this "truth"(or is it a belief?). [you can fill in every truth that you know of]. even if quantum physics may tell us that reality is more subtle than 1 + 1 it might be hard to shift to a reality that quantum physics is pointing to.

in reality this discrepancy between belief and reality will create turmoil primarily because life wants us to grow to a more subtle understanding of reality hence of ourselves.(this could be a belief, too)

conclusion: humans(the mind of humans?!) have a tendency to attach themselves to beliefs. this may give them security for a certain amount of time but starts to become rigid when it gets conceptualized and hence contradicts emerging life forces.

this is when shifts in consciousness are going to happen.(which in my understanding is happening now). conflicts start to arise when a human being, a society(or other community) is not able to shift its basic understanding of life/reality/identity.

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