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#paradigmShift:when u get a taste of the infinite truth&freedom of yr being chances r that u get hit by an ego-flashback,too. limited again #presence

whenever you decide to change direction in your life, heading a new goal, setting an intention and focus your energy on a new path you might have experienced an increase in energy. you feel great and take this as a hint that you are on a coherent direction in your life.

and this definitely can be the case!

after this raise in energy you may also have experienced a complete set-back of energy. obstacles start o build up in front of you and you start doubting your goal/intention/purpose of your way (.....and/or similar sensations). within time you quit your goal/project and get frustraed soon about the lifeenergy you have invested in a seemingly useless endeavour. life is not working in your favour - so you might think!

this is an experience most of us re-experience from time to time. whenever you experience repetition of similar situations and/or encounters this can be a hint for a deep rooted pattern. in this case it could be the game between desire and ego. if your desire for a new path is coherent with your souls intention you experience this coherence through expression of an energetic sensation. this will contradict your egos intention which then tries to trick you back into its limitations. this indeed is very tricky and in most cases hard to indentify.

when you start feeling resistance building up after setting your intention this usually is a hint that egoic strategies are at work. the challenge in this phase is to stay present and - if possible - to unlock/inquire the hidden beliefs that lay dormant beneath your conscious mind. this is a chance to look deeper into the slleping world beneath your conventional thought processes.

if you are able to stay present in this turmoil when your reality seems to crumble you will find out that resistance mirrored in all sorts of obstacles is just a projection of your mind.

it´shere to help you looking beyond surface, to deepen your understanding of reality. otherwise it would be difficult to integrate your new path into life.

essence:obstacles are here to strengthen your presence and are necessary for integration of new ways of looking at the world. though it sounds contradictory that your ego wants you to stay within your current limitations actually it helps you to grow in being yourself.

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