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#paradigmShift: systemic defense mechanisms

#paradigmShift: how do u know that a system got rigid? When it starts2see criticism as a threat instead as a hint! #leadership

when systems get complacent and hence are not able to renew themselves by reacting to impulses reality is constantly pointing out they start getting defensive,too.

criticism in its essence is meant to be a hint to get consious, to become aware of new perspectives. critisism in its systemic function is an essential issue to keep systems and individuals awake and present. its meant to be supportive to go deeper into understanding the world/life/systemic context.

the main problem with systems as well as individuals is that at a certain point they start to identify with a certain kind of interpretation of themselves and their environment. they get attached and hence stuck in belief!

from this point on every impuls that seems to be incoherent with systemic interests is seen as threat and is met with rejection. righteousness comes into play. the spiral of self-destruction starts its game.

the moment you are on a path of defense you enter the path of war because you are creating a dense energy(attachment,extremist views/beliefs) that wants to keep alive a simplistic view of itself and the world that is in contradiction to a more subtle realty in emergence.

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