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#paradigmShift: abt the validity of #concepts

#paradigmShift:#concepts r here for yr safty. how do u know? watch how u react when somebody questions yr concept? #leadership

a concept is a template that gives your experience and your view of the world, of reality a frame. it makes it easy to understand for yourself and what you want to convey to others.

if your concept matches the experiences of others chances are that you create lots of followers. this might increase your selfworth and seems to proof to your identity that you are right.

only problem: the tightrope walk to righteousness is a small one. it´s easy to loose sight of the recognition that the map is not the territory. when you start believing in the absolute quality of your concept aka construct of YOUR reality you start entering the path of rigidity.

it´s very simple to find out your stance in relation to your concept: observe how you react when somebody is questioning your concept. are you getting defensive? at first glance it´s difficult to see that defense is an act of aggression. you have to look deeper inside yourself.

which might be hard when you are convinced of the truth of your concept. ask yourself: what would it mean to me when I drop my concept? at all?

how does it feel? maybe you sense a void opening up in your stomach. maybe you get exited about what to arise after dropping the concept?

for a certain time a concept might be helpful because it gives you orientation in a complex world.

just be careful when you feel attachment to your concept. take this as a hint to open up to deeper realms of reality.......if you want.



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