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#paradigmShift: the meaning of #chaos

#paradigmShift #coachingexperience: #chaos is an uncomfortable sensation that u might like to distract of. stay present&it will guide u!

from time to time life gives you the challenge of #chaos. the sensations that go along with this phase mostly are uncomfortable and hard to bare. if you are not conscious about the meaning and purpose of chaos in your life you might feel the tendency to distract, to avoid these feelings and sensations. you just want to feel better.

another aspect of chaos is that it seems that you loose orientation in your life. your plans collapse and you hit dead ends all along.

where to find guidance? orientation? what to do when your familiar compass has lost its function. "bad luck" you might say. "this is part of life, let´s see how to continue as quick as possible!".

well, maybe it takes a different look at chaos.

let´s start with a hypothesis: #chaos is a necessary process to break up your rigid mindset. a pointer that you need to enhance your view on life, your life as expression of the flow of life.

it´s about connecting the dots (as the saying goes) in a new way.

life will not stop giving you these challenges. as long as you don´t resign on life because of frustration life will keep triggering you. you might see it as abstract that life(who? what? is life?) triggers you.

well, #chaos is about getting in contact with the deeper forces of life. and life is not a social construct as we all got to know it in daily life experiences. from our minds point of view life is chaotic. from a (let´s call it) souls perspective life is precise.

it gives you the exact challenges/hints/pointers you need to understand yourself and your connection to life´s essence.

how to deal with #chaos?

when you experience these sensations within your body, when you (seemingly) loose direction it´s most important NOT to distract from them but stay present as best as you can.

if you understand that #chaos is life unfolding towards new realms of itself you could have a basic frame to deal with feelings of getting lost, of void, of lonliness, of....... actually one doesn´t have to do very much but stay in loving observation of what is emerging.

you can let #chaos unfold by itself. it will if you don´t interrupt with your minds intention. if you can accept that #chaos is new order in a state of #emergenceyou are on the safe side. ever!

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