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#paradigmShift: #microtargeting

#paradigmShift:if #microtargeting works(political&economical)citizens&customers have2become aware of their hidden values #presence

#microtargeting is the new normal when it comes to approach citizens in times of election and customers to buy products.

indeed it´s a very sophisticated way to influence people by expoliting he (unconscious) narratives most of us are carrying within. it´s about expoiting the believer within us. in essence it shows that "systems" have been able to reach a new and subtle way to manipulate human beings. it shows how easy it is to be influenced by means we are not yet aware of.

what is the core message of this trend? what does it say about political parties when they send contrary messages to their target groups that in executing political programs would exclude each other?

eg you send a message to retirees that pensions are safe and at the same time to young voters that we have to safe money in spending it to secure our pension system. if both target groups were in the same room it would be difficult to argue that way.

which in core leads us to the question of credibility of interest groups.(you can answer that for yourself).

since this is an increasing trend to influence people(actually it is about the ongoing question between police and criminals who is closer to the edge of new technologies) the question arises how to react as a consumer/citizen on these developments? the essence: we are targeted at our deepest core values and how we "think" these values need to manifest in a dualistic reality.

I assume that most of us will stay within their comfort zone and simply don´t care being targeted that way. in the course of history it has always been that way in different expressions. most of us will simply be overwhelmed by informations and patterns that trigger our identity.

what about others? actually we get a hint to get clear about our deep seated narratives and stories. stories that are an anchor point for manipulation and expolitation. we are forced to do inquiry on our sub(un-)conscious GPS. we are invited to ask questions about freedom, authority, about which organization forms we want to live in, what are the values of our deepest humanity/of life understood in its deepest expressions. about which society we want to live in!

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