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#paradigmShift: wonders in #space

#paradigmShift: what is yr relationship to #space? finite and/or infinite! #presence

for most people #space is not existent in their life. one is busy in dealing with material stuff and misses that reality is based on/in space. you hardly ever notice that the letters and sentences in a book are written on blank #whitespace.

sitting in a room you may notice furniture within this space but not the space itself. you may feel a tendency to fill your space with material goods sometimes to accentuate space sometimes (when it´s getting messy) to overwhelm your space (and by that reduce your ability to move - not only physically but mentally/emotionally, too). gravity keeps our earthship! moving in universal space.

every object we can be aware of is happening in space(even thoughts are arising in space). without space you can´t create - in your imagination and when manifesting thoughts/dreams/pieces of art/......

actually #space is the most valuable resource we have. when "your space" is full you will feel stuck in your life. when you loose contact to you infinite space(aka being/source/god/Tao/......) you might experience your thoughts spinning around the same issues all the time. no matter if we talk about spaceships, about reaching new frontiers, about.......what we mean is to discover new space. space that is not yet full (with obsolete thoughts, material goods,......) since there is no more space left in the world of matter(outside world) where to turn to now? since in our "outside" world entering new space is often connected with a burned earth strategy, with overpowering others we have reached the edge of this approach. so - where to turn to?

if you follow the adventures of the enterprise or other spaceships travelling to its destinies in space you see that there is a lot to discover out there. endless width! so how about your inner space? can you find/see any destinies there? probably not.

for most people inner space is a dangerous realm where lots of dangers and demons are waiting. fear is the most common attitude NOT to enter this space. fear to discover what? marks and manifestations of long periods of conditioning.

becoming aware of the limitations of our minds. fear about what will guide us in (seemingly) empty space: nothing to hold on, no thought, no belief.

the crucial question: how to deal with infinity? where no signposts are available to guide you. imagine to be a whale in the middle of the ocean. how does that feel to you? do you feel lost or do you experience the freedom of infinite choice, the trust of an inner GPS, knowing where to go? all the time! a trust that is beyond thought.

oceans (as long as we don´t see them as litter boxes) are a symptom of infinity, of freedom, of unlimited space. it´s just hard for our minds to deal with these aspects which are "located" beyond thought. our minds can´t comprehend. and if you want to experience this infinity your mind gets fearful: his existence is at stake.

if you have ever been in Bilbao visiting the Guggenheim Museum you might remember the installation of Richard Serra about "The matter of Time". this is a piece of art where a meditational space has emerged within a space of duality. you give #space to an artist and let emerge what wants to emerge. it´s a matter of trust, giving space and let the wonder arise.

So -what is your relationship with #space?



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