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#paradigmShift: #migration

#paradigmShift:the challenge of #migration will stay w/ us for the next decades. walls wont help2solve this issue but #openminds! #presence

in essence it is this lack of being unable to deal with different/opposing views that creates the problem of migration. as a consequence simplistic and fearbased concepts are travelling the world.

at the core of all irrationalities lies the attachment to beliefs, to worldviews. staying attached to a belief where reality is proofing you otherwise is the perfect way to extremism.this is due for all parties involved in "migrational issues".

migration the way it shows up is to a high extent fearbased: fear to loose! it´s a long way to go and we don´t know if we as humanity are strong enough to cope with this challenge.

the reasons for migration are getting more and more complex and simply cannot be understood and managed by a linear thinking mind. not possible. if we are not able to "migrate" our mind - hence our ability to understand the world anew - we are sacked. it´s that simple.

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