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#paradigmShift: underworld awakening!

#paradigmShift: underworld awakening! that´s what the world is going through at this moment in time and history! #leadership

there are thousands of initiatives on this planet aiming at making the world a better place. workshops all around. participants leave with a sense of awe and a sense of responsibility: participating and contributing to life on earth, being part of evolution. even violent extremists have this same sense(as somebody calling him-/herself a liberal (or similar) you might not believe this) of fullfilling higher duties. in a sense most people want to be part of an entity lager than themselves. why then is it that the world seems to be in bad shape?

when you take a closer look at your individual life you will see that from time to time life gives you a challenge: mainly by presenting you a limiting lifesituation. this simply is to make you reflect on limiting thoughts and beliefsystems inside you. reality is that most people want to avoid these challenges because in one or other way they are heading towards your understanding of who you are. that´s usually an uncomfortable task. main aspect though is, that you have to face this challenge in order to grow, to expand to get a clearer sense of your identity. objection to this task is the norm within most humans, accepting it as a hint, a call from your (let´s call it) soul. in general terms we are talking about crossing the borders of your comfort zone. hardly a conscious issue for most of us!

in essence it is about passing the eye of the needle to enter the vast space that opens up after passage. though it may seem as if the eye of the needle is outside you it actually is inside you. if you look closely at the rise of extremist forces all around the world you can see that this is about deep layered beliefs that show up. how would you otherwise know that they are there? this is a chance for humanity to deliberately look at the hidden forces that have been suppressed through eons of time. we NOW get a chance to observe our conditioning, to free ourselves from the prision of mind (aka limitation)

we as humaity deliberately have to go through these limitations - as painful as they may be - to get to the core of life!

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