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from cleverness to intelligence: when robots create robots!

#paradigmShift: when robots(aka human beings w/conditioned minds) create robots(aka AI) this is going to be a dangerous mix. #presence

AI will be an increasing part of our daily lifes.

The crucial question that is still unanswered is if it will dominate or serve our lifes!

There are arguments saying that technology as such is neutral and it depends on the user what the outcome will be.

Well, that sounds true. What arguments like these don´t take into consideration is an inherent selfdynamic that is activated when a critical mass of a device enters the mainstream.

What arguments like these don´t take into consideration is that most people on this planet think themselves of being intelligent - although they mix up intelligence with cleverness. This is a crucial point!

Hence let´s create a hypothesis: AI will take over the planet because it´s minions are about to help a self-serving device to come into manifestation and power.

What this hypothesis comes down to is the view that cleverness is a destructive trait.

It misses connection to life, to consiousness.

Cleverness is a mindset seeing itself as „knowing it all“, as knowing what´s best for everybody. Strategizing is key here!

It´s not really big news to assume that the survaillance industry will expand within the next years. Clever arguments will always justify this development with seemingly obvious outlooks.

Considering this would you say that AI will solve any of the problems the planet is facing?

Another hypothesis: Our main challenge for the next decades to come is to shift from cleverness to intelligence!

Intelligence understood as a mind that supports life on earth to thrive in a way for everybody to prosper.

Well, it won´t be everybody simply because not everybody will be able to sense it that way.

Because some will prefer to stay attached to obsolete mindsets that foster individual interests.

By that not seeing that actually they are dependend on a mindset that is guiding their life not the other way round!

We need not see AI as technological aspect but as a way of thinking that is based on a linear view on life, on seeing human beings as concepts not as beings.

This might be hard to detect within oneself because we are conditioned to „think“ that way.

The life of most people on earth is still characterized by a governing mindset, keeping them unconsious about lifes connections.

If we can´t manage this #paradigmShift we will be lost to AI.

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