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The language of silence beyond your thoughts!

#paradigmShift: #silence is the most intense sound in our universe! it challenges the noise of our daily repetitive thoughtprocesses. that´s why our rational mind gets frightend abt it! #presence

“Life has an intelligence that is way beyond the intelligence of our limited minds. The more you are willing to trust that, the more free you will be.”

NOW! if the wind by touching your skin could tell you which way to move touching you soft and intense sometimes you just have to stay still in your NOW LISTENING to and feeling the movement of the wind. NOW!

I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.”

Albert Einstein

Our world is characterized by a way of thinking that creates collateral damage all the way down. This is to a high degreer due to our conceptualized thinking.It is a way of thinking that roots in a Newtonian world view which is based on cause and effect.

Consequentely in our daily lifes we have learned to listen to the thoughts in our head – which we believe are true in their basic sense. Nevertheless by looking at the state of the planet we can´t really keep up with this stance anymore.

It´s time to change our way of thinking and hence our worldview. In essence this means to shift from linear thinking to holographic thinking. This is only possible by diving into the silence of being.

As scary as this may look at first glance as much enriching it turns out with experience. Answers completely different to answers we are used/conditioned to hear from our linear mind will show up.

Answers that are in coherence with our deepes essence. That´s the challenge and the shift we are ALL IN at this MOMENT in time and history. This includes a challenge to our current identity as human beings.

Sideeffects and backlashes included!

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