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challenges when heading THE UNKNOWN!

#paradigmShift #coaching how do u react when life gives u a challenge and u dont have a behavioural template what 2do? #leadership

no matter if you sense the ongoing #paradigmShift as a reality or not chances are that in an increasing amount of situations you experience that your behavioural patterns that you deveolped within your lifetime so far are not working any more.

Ever more people are longing for an authentic life and are trying to live this authenticity in any given moment. This does not mean that they know exactely how to act or even what to feel or what their inherent truth is telling them to do. Far from that. It´s quite a game of try and error.

In essence this means that in the encounters you have in daily life you don´t know how to act or react. How does that feel. What are you going to do when not knowing what to do?

In case your mind is still working within a linear paradigm you mostly will experience an urge within to act the same way you always did. Actually this is not a conscious decision but simply a defense strategy of your linear mind that is in survival mode. You don´t have much of a chance to act different, to act in a coherent way.

Life starts to chance when you are able to see that #paradigmShift wants you to recognize that it is about shifting you from a linear conditioned mind to an authentic worldview that is based on your heartfelt truth.

Sounds nice but won´t help you to shift and progress.

The challenges are multiple! In essence it is about the courage to see your true identity through the veil of your thoughts and beliefs. To see and experience your connection with the whole of life.

Your linear mind won´t loosen it´s grip just to support you.

It takes your compassionate effort (actually it´s no effort but opposite) to be your true SELF and hence see your mind as your assistant and not as your boss.

This is a fundamental recognition if you let this sink in and feel it in the silence that is basic to your being.

If these thoughts resonate within you you can take this as a hint that your SELF is knocking on your door.

Do you want to open?

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