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Life is #energy

#paradigmShift is abt learning how2deal with energy! with the flow of energy, how it moves within humans, how it creates mental #concepts, how humans distract from an energetical view of life just2stay seperated from each other. and the like.

The basic assumption about how life works - at least in pur western societies - looks something like: we are separate bodies and don´t have to do anything with each other. this understanding of life neceserily leads to an inner feeling of separation, too. result: we think we need to fill this (mostly unconscious) felt void.


by accumulation!

things, people, power,........

none of them will fill the void on the long run. (but you can never know, so

let´s keep trying!)

our minds have developed to find excuses and selfdeception in numerous ways to keep up this false understanding.

a simple glance at the state of our environment will give you proof. no distraction possible (if you are honest to yourself!).

it´s a worldview merely based on matter and takeing responsibility for this creation of ours is one of the main challenges humanity is facing in times of #paradigmShift.

a pointer towards a solution: #paradigmShift is about shifting our worldview from matter to #energy and #space. for the rational mind of a Westerner this might be difficult to grasp.

when raising this view I often get a "what the f***k!". the rational, linear thinking human mind is not capable of perceiving #energy and #space.

in case you want to get a first clue check out about quantum physics. if you don´t face quite some irritation inside (and want to withdraw from that "BS") you are on the wrong track. quantum physics - at this moment in time is the closest pointer to a rational mind to sense that there is a different world beyond the seemingly obvious. this is not a new finding and actually I wonder in which way the world would change when recognitions of the world of quants would be taken seriously???

This is just a hint that there are revalations on a more subtle level of reality that the human mind is not yet able to proceed.

how come?

the human mind primarily is conditioned to be right. this mind is not yet open to deeper reality and hence to accept different solution to life on earth.

we have to learn to see through this veil created by basic assumptions that are becoming more and more harmful to life.

quantum physics can be a bridge to understand and feel that life is happening on deeper, subtler layers that want to emerge NOW.

the main question: to we want this emergence to happen or do we see it as threat to our individual and societal existence?

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