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#diet and #identity!

#paradigmShift nutritional habits mainly follow unconscious conditioning. such is a certain diet, too! on the long run it hardly works bec it doesn´t match yr deeper energetical needs! #Dare2GetRealNOW!

if you ever followed a nutritional regimen you may have experiened that it is quite hard to observe and hold all requirements without adapting your lifestye to dietary rules. well, diets are about changing lifestyle so...... considering this it makes sense to change your nutrition as one part of your life.

pointer: I suppose there are hundreds of nutritional approaches on this planet all of them claiming to be the best approach, EVER! even if you deal with them on a superficial level you will find that there are lots of contradictory aspects in all of them.

when you read the description about their promises they seem to predict pretty much the same results: loosing weight(the most dominant issue!), mental focus, stable blood sugar, less illness(you definitely will find an illness that you want to get rid of and that is listed on the advantage list of almost any diet!) and the like.

e.g. raising testosterone level is quite popular these days(this indicates that these dietary proposals are mainly for men!). if you want to gain muscle mass and want to develop "menlike" behavioral patterns this seems to be it. hopefully you don´t meditate! did you ever see a spiritual seeker with athletic muscles? (well, I guess there are some around but I too guess that there could be a conflict between gaining muscles and opening up your body to the energyflow of higher consciousness. besides you need to consume quite some amounts of protein to gain muscle which could raise a conflict between your attitude towards sentient beings(consuming animal protein) and the recognitions you gain from your spiritual search.

this is neither good nor bad, it just is. it happens on your path!

what I want to point out here is that lots of people follow nutritional regimens which don´t match their needs. on the one hand. on the other hand it is about knowing that no dietary regimen is forever. the moment you grow as a human being the moment your nutrition will change, too.

what is crucial: to understand that following a diet does not necessary mean that the foods you consume match your needs. when loosing weight(body fat is the main indicator for that!) and gaining muscle mass you might be quite satisfied with the results.

the more you get subtler insights about reality, though, the less satisfied you can become about the same outcome. all of a sudden you change from animal protein to being a vegan.

the saying "you are what you eat" is true to a certain degree. maybe "you become what you eat",too.

in essence nutrition is about your responsiblity for your energylevels. you need to feel yourself into how foods are influencing your body, mind and spirit.

e.g. if you loose weight chances are that you feel lighter(does not necessary have to be that way!). you can translate lightness into "less dense", too. as a consequence you have to deal with lightness as being an expression of your identity. most people don´t see this connection and hence fall back into obsolete nutritional habits again. and start all over again and again. the main reason for this phenomenon is not to understand the interconnection between diet and identity. (there are exeptions which I don´t want to go into detail here).

pointer: what we all have to learn is to understand that our nutritional habits will change by themselves the moment we get conscious and grow as human beings. our body and mind are highly evolved "tools" to give us feedback on how any food is interacting with our organism. this is a process that is based on our observational skills and our incresing #presence.

seeing it this way we don´t have to follow any diet but primarily what our deeper needs tell us via feedback of our body/mind.


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