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#paradigmShift: #linearity vs #spaceousness - some questions

#paradigmShift our worldview is still based on linear thinking which leads to a mindset which expects development as a linear, extrapolated line on a chart as proof for success. actually a very simple mindset - consequences can be seen all over the world.

contrary to that when you dare to look at the realm of quantum physics the world appears completely different. at least when you are open to a world that works according to different rules! which few people are.

quantum physics needs an understanding of waves, of space, of the possibility that furture collapses into the past and creates presence by doing that....... and all of a sudden your past has changed.

quantum physics is a doorway into a spiritual understanding of reality and by that it could change ones mindset completely by 180 degrees. it shows you that your identity of who you are is an illusion based on a limited mindset.

this opens the question why we don´t give more attention to this reality? how would our material world would look like when the laws of quantum physics would be applied in daily life?

and turning the view around: why is quantum physics not getting adequate attention when viewed with a linear mindset?

it seems to me that a piece of the puzzle has got lost in this equation, in this ratio between linearity and spacesousness.

any personal experiences on this take?


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