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#ramifications of suppressed #emotions

when - during childhood - people have learned to supress their anger (actually having been forced to suppress it!) this does not mean that anger dissapears. it will be stored in ones physical body, it will shape the form of muscles and thoughts/mindset. there will be an energetic layer at the base of your body and mind that starts subconsciously guide your life. mostly one won´t be aware of these connections.

for your body/mind storing suppressed emotion is an intense task which can´t be held very long(sickness, injuries,....are possible by-products). hence as human being you have to find ways to alleviate your sensual and emotional baggage. it´s like a nuclear waste storage that starts to radiate into it´s environment.

"strategies of radiation" are to project emotions outside. your mind starts to tell you that eg blaming others will reduce your stored emotions/pain to a high degree. it´s like an addict looking for a shot. and actually this strategy seems to work - in short terms! in reality it sets in motion an upward spiral that is constantly searching for triggers that create alleviation.

as a conversational partner you might wonder where some emotional outbreaks you are experiencing are coming from.

in essence it´s pretty impersonal: suppressed anger is looking for triggers to get released. a seemingly! simple energetical movement.

when you start confronting people about this mechanism - even though obvious - they will deny their deeper intention and responsibility and will turn the "problem" back on you. a classical turnaround of cause/effect.

this is something we can observe in todays politics in increasing amounts. it´s a strategy most of us still fall prey to because we are hardwired to listen to content not to process/strategy. it´s about being right (no matter the costs) and not being aware about the process HOW TO become right. dealing with both aspects needs a higher mental awareness/focus/presence in interactions.

what we can see in this outline of chainreactions is how repressed emotions/stored energy are/is finding it´s way into the public sphere and what ramifications this addictive flow of energy can create.

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