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relationship between #simplicity and #complexity

#paradigmShift #simplicity and #complexity seem2be contradictory issues. life is increasingly complex and a simple view on the manifestations of life can create an overwhelmingly frustrating feeling of helplessness. you quickly get/feel stuck. on the other hand our mind has a tendency to complicate(contrary2making them more complex!) issues. so how to get the camel through the eye of the needle? are there simple solutions for complex issues?

or are there only complex solutions for simple issues?

maybe it´s about a punch of suspects: #complexity, #mindset, #truth in case you can see a #complicated reality as the result of a simple aka linear mind that is not based on wholeness the primary solution is to change our/human mindset and connect it to an understanding of wholeness(yes, some people will loose some money!).

#complexity on the other hand is the result of #consciousevolution that forces us2change our view on reality. we only can deal w/ #complexity when are connected2a deeper world beyond simple thought processes. #complexity is a pointer to a more sensitive and differentiated world that can´t be accessed by thought(which creates complicated issues).

this sounds like a dead end: thought processes create a complicated, rigid veil that separates the world of complication/manifestation from the world of #consciousness where we can find simple and sustainable solutions by following our deeper understanding of #truth.

but that´s the dichotomy we are facing in times of intense changedynamics. in every movie, in every novel the hero has to pass #constrictions to reach more width in his/her mind and understanding of the planet!

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