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you see what you believe...... don´t believe what you see!

#paradigmShift we are living in times where the search for truth is obstructed by the pretense of #truth. most of us struggle w/ what2believe and how2find out. #Dare2GetRealNOW!

in essence you see the world as a reflection of your beliefs. this is one of the most intense and unconscious filters of perception. if you are not aware of this connection you will become a hardcore follower like ISIS or 45-follower or similar. you will be easily manipulated bec it´s pretty easy to detect your beliefsystem and fill you illusions with false promises. that´s how -isms work: populism, fascism, racism,...... all of them are simplified #concepts of reality which obstruct your souls longing2look deeper into reality and getting a more sensitive view abt what life is about!

for most of us it might be difficult to see the difference between "believing what you see" and "seeing what you believe". actually it´s pretty easy. if you have 10 ppl in a room chances are that there are 10 different views abt what is going on in a situation that - on the surface - seems to be the same for all of them.

How come that facts are not the same for everybody? you might ask.

well, as long as you don´t know the basic assumptions, vested interests and beliefs of conversational partners a fact is worth nothing. it might match your beliefsystem which makes it right for you. actually chances are that this is a mental process not abt facts ut abt belonging. you prefer talking to people of same or similar opinions bec it fullfills your sense of belonging, bec it matches your deepest, unconscious emotions which you are not aware of and have never talked about even to yourself.

so it is a matter of transperancy how a "fact" is rooted in your personal or societal reality. hinest transperancy would unveil manipulative arguments and opinions.

in essence it comes down to the question if you prefer an open mind and spirit or if you want to control reality by manipulation (not seeing how you are limiting yourself by limiting others.)

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