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#capitalism & #crisis

#paradigmShift there is this argument "that crisis is inherent to capitalism". actually it´s true but you have2consider the basic intention this view is based upon.

some assumptions: when listening to the undercurrent of this view it will show that it will/(wants to) lead you into a resignative state about the system. try to feel it! it might give you a nihilistic feeling and that´s what it is supposed to do.

a crisis is inherent to every system that you can imagine. it´s a hint to evolve the system not to keep it unchangable till infinity. but that´s what the original statement is aiming at. keep the system within it´s conceptual confines. bad luck for your victims.

no system is meant to stay the same forever. but the crisis/captitalism argument is aiming opposite. but economists can´t see it different. they have a certain view on reality which is conditioned by the education. actually most people on this planet carry a huge baggage of conditioning with them. we all are challenged to do inquiry on our basic assumptions about life simply becaus life will proof us time and again that we are wrong.

but you have to stay strong emotionally to cope with these false assumptions that navigate our lifes. economists are not different but maybe more resistant to change simply because their belief is that economy is guiding life on earth. in essence it´s a conceptualised frame that serves some basic interests.

a system is not a fixed territory that is invulnerable to change. change happens if we do want it or not. we might not sense change when it happens. humans to a huge extent are conditioned to wait till an accident happens not seeing it as a hint that change wants to manifest in life. it´s this addiction to take a pill, heal the illness and keep on acting the same way than before the accident happend.

that´s why it´s dangerous to raise an argument like "crisis is inherent to capitalism" because it deliberately wants to create the impression that no change is necessary. actually it wants people to stay in a hypnotized state of mind, submissive to rules that don´t serve humanity anymore.

it´s time to learn about discernment, about how the detect the true reasons and intentions behind #narratives. just in case we are interested in truth.

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