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#catch 22

#whitespace if you are facing a catch 22 (e.g. like #Brexit) you can´t solve "the riddle" by logic. actually it´s a pointer that you might have asked either the wrong question/s or dealing with the wrong issue/s at all. maybe you need to go back to the starting line and find solutions on a deeper level. #paradigmShift #Dare2GetRealNOW

actually this is a common problem in lots of organizations when "problems" are rising again and again (in different shades, though). addressing a problem w/ a linear mindset in most cases is not able to find a solution for complex/paradox issues.

as an example: you have problems in a certain area of your company and your solution is to change the head of this department(or whatever we are talking about in your situation). after changing personell the problems keep staying the same. you try to change another time hoping this will end the troubles.......... nothing really changes!

how come?

a hint: start inquirying the questions you were asking when the problem/s arose first. are they really addressing the essence of this issue?

another hint: sometimes(actually most times) this departement can symbolize the rise of a systemic pattern inherent in your organization. this is a reality most leaders don´t really dare to address because it needs a shift from linear thinking to systemic thinking. it needs a shift from seeing primarily "single problems"(like changing a lightbulb) to a holistic thinking/perception which enables leaders to deal with complex issues.

another hint: if as a leader you are confronted by a #catch22 your mindset gets challenged. are you (un-)consciously circumventing the problem (hence delay it and keep it on a repeatatory cycle!) this will inevitably lead to increased crisis situations in your organization. a stuck state is programmed.

a #catch22 is like a Zenkoan: you can´t solve it w/ your linear mind based on effectivity and efficeny. you have to move your mind deeper into reality.



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